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Prepper Product of the Week – FREE State Map

Recently, my friend Prepper Potpourri posted a video about the importance of maps for preparedness. I absolutely agree with this. We rely on technology so much to map us from this place to the other, […]

20 Budget Prepper Items Under $30

There’s no reason you can’t get prepared on a budget. The below items are to give you an idea of how far your money can go for quality, budget items. I’ve used every single one […]

The Missing Prepper Link: Intelligence w/Mark of Sentinel Intel Group [Podcast]

Preppers focus so much on gear but tend to fail to focus on information and intelligence. Do you know what’s really going on in your neighborhood or region or even the rest of the world […]

Prepper Product of The Week 3/9/18 – AquaPodKit [Emergency Water]

There are many ways to have emergency water around and one of the easiest ways is through your bathtub. With the AquaPodKit you put the liner in the bathtub, easily hook it up to your […]

Easy Fitness Tips ANYONE Can Do RIGHT NOW! [Prepper Fitness]

Fitness is an incredibly important part of preparedness that is rarely talked about. And if it is talked about, it’s from people who are doing 20 mile runs every morning and spending 10 hours at […]

Safety & Security Tips for Preppers w/Ethical Preparedness [Podcast]

Our first guest on the Rogue Preparedness Podcast is Ethical Preparedness! He talks to us about safety and security measures that we can take everyday and for emergencies and disasters. A must listen! Check out […]

Prepper Product of The Week 3/2/18 – Preparedness Planner

I’ve always been very driven when it comes to being prepared. I’ve always done my best to continually find new challenges and try new things to be better prepared. However, sometimes I get lazy. We […]

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Be Rescued in an Emergency or Disaster

I normally try not to be so dramatic with my post titles, but so many people think that during an emergency or disaster that they’ll just be rescued by someone else; fire, police, CERT, military, […]

How to Train Your Mind for Survival [Podcast]

In this weeks podcast, we talk about how you can train your mind in everyday life so that you can better be prepared to handle an emergency or disaster. Your mind can either make you […]

How to Put Together a Basic First Aid Kit

I don’t work nor have I ever worked in the medical field. However, as a civilian, I know the basic supplies that I need for me and my family. The type of supplies that we […]