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10 Tips For Bug Out Camping

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If any of your bug out plans have to do with camping, are you prepared to camp for an extended period of time?

Many of us might go camping for a weekend or maybe a week at a time, but very rarely do people get the chance to camp for longer than that.

If you have, kudos! You’re probably pretty well prepared!

For the rest of us with responsibilities that keep us from camping full time, we might run into some challenges if we’re not prepared for the reality of camping long term. This is especially true if you have a family.

Here are 10 tips to prepare for long term bug out camping:

  1. Check your gear – make sure you have gear that’s going to get you through an extended period of time, not just short term.
  2. Camp in bad weather – bad weather is the ultimate teacher to see if your gear and setup are good enough. It’s also a great teacher of what you yourself can handle.
  3. Camp in your backyard – if you can’t go on an extended camping trip, camp in your backyard. This is a great experience because if anything goes wrong, you’re at home and can adjust as you go.
  4. Make sure your bug out location is well stocked with resources – wherever you plan to bug out and camp, make sure it has plenty of resources; water, fish, wild edibles, small game, etc.
  5. Make sure you’re comfortable – this isn’t the time to skimp or go lightweight, this could be your home for an extended period of time. Comfort is important. If your family would be more comfortable in a tent setup, get a tent. Get sleeping pads, blankets, games, etc.
  6. Be ready to leave at any time – don’t set up your camp in such a way that you can’t easily pack up and leave within 20 minutes or less. Keep things organized, put things back, stay tidy, etc. I’d suggest having a tent that you can easily put up and take down, some tents can get complicated.
  7. What’s your security plan – what sort of security precautions do you have in place for camping? They have wireless motion detectors and portable security systems. Make sure to lock valuables and keep your self-defense option(s) of choice with you at all times. Don’t just secure it from people, secure it from insects and animals, as well. Make sure you secure your food properly, don’t take food into the tent and keep some sort of animal and insect deterrents around (general bug spray/citronella and/or peppermint oil works well for a lot of insects, especially ants).
  8. Do a mock bug out – test your gear and location by doing mock camping bug outs as often as you can, even if they’re for just a night or two.
  9. Write out your plans – keep detailed plans of where you’re going to bug out to and have multiple places to bug out to. If one plan fails, you’ll want to be rest assured that you already have a plan B, C, D, etc.
  10. Have checklists – make a list of all your gear. Make a list of actions to take when bugging out. Make a list of resources available at your location. Make a list of what’s in your vehicle. Make all the lists!

Deciding to camp as your main shelter for bugging out is possible, but, like with most things, there’s definitely some planning that needs to go into it.

We have to go into it with realistic expectations that it’s going to be a lot different than staying in a house, cabin or any other building.

So plan, plan, plan! Practice, practice, practice!

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!


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