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10 Types of Gear Every Prepper Needs

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I normally try to stay away from posts that say ‘you must have this!!!!’ But I do feel that there are certain things that every prepper should have in their gear arsenal.

Here are 10 types of gear that every prepper should have for emergencies and disasters:

  1. Water purification: Water is life and we need to make sure that we can have access to clean water through water sanitization/purification methods. These methods could include anything from a pump, a straw, tablets, boiling or any of the other various methods. In addition, having at least two containers to hold water is recommended.
  2. Shelter: This could be anything from a tarp, a poncho or a tent. It really depends on the needs of you and your family/group. Don’t forget the paracord!
  3. Knife: A good knife can have so many uses. It could be a fixed blade or a folding knife, depending on your specific needs.
  4. Light: Flashlight, glow sticks, candles; any type of light source will be helpful and bring comfort. Don’t forget the extra batteries, matches and lighters.
  5. First aid: A good first aid kit is invaluable. You can make your own or get pre-made kits. Make sure that the first aid items fit your specific skill set.
  6. Communication: When it comes to communication, you don’t necessarily need to something that transmits, but rather anything that can give you information. Such as a NOAA weather radio. We are partial to HAM radio, but really, anything that can help you to receive information is important in any emergency or disaster.
  7. Fire: Fire is great for cooking, boiling water, comfort, security and warmth. While fire may not be necessary all the time, it’s good to know how to make fire. Lighter, matches, ferro rod, flint and steel, any type of friction fire such as a bow drill; any of these methods will work. Store tinder, make your own tinder and learn how to find natural tinder.
  8. Cook pot: A good cook pot will go a long way. Make coffee, food, boil water, etc. You can do a lot with a cook pot. Personally, I’m partial to the bear bowl as it folds down nice. But you can get whatever you feel is best for you.
  9. Books: Knowledge is power. Keep a variety of prepping, survival and bushcraft books around, read them regularly and refer to them when needed. Magazines are also a good source of information, as well as blogs and YouTube videos.
  10. Morale: Many poo-poo the need for morale items but I’ve always felt that they are important. Maybe it could be some pictures, deck of cards, note pad and pen, gum, candy; whatever will make you feel good in a bad situation will increase your odds of thriving in that situation.

BONUS: Self-defense. Everyone has a right to defend themselves and I highly encourage you to find what type of self-defense option is best for you. Whatever you choose, make sure you get proper training and train often.

What are some other invaluable prepper tools of the trade?

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!

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