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20 Simple & Budget Friendly Weekend Preparedness Projects

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Looking for some preparedness project idea to do during the weekend?

Here are some ideas!

  1. Build a rocket stove
  2. Make a fire pit
  3. Make hardtack
  4. Make ration bars
  5. Make a rain barrel collection bucket
  6. Make anything out of paracord
  7. Sharpen your knives
  8. Organize your preps
  9. Make some fire starters
  10. Make your own hygiene products such as soap
  11. Start a container garden
  12. Get together a folder of all your important documents
  13. Create a family emergency plan
  14. Put together a kit – like a small altoids kit
  15. Make an oil lamp
  16. Make some bannock
  17. Make a faraday cage
  18. Inventory your bug out bag
  19. Dehydrate something
  20. Make a blackout kit

There you have it! I could go on and on with ideas.

There are so many great projects we can do that only take a little bit of time, but I hope that these can stick start your weekend projects and propel you into doing more regardless of time or budget.

What are some other ideas?

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