underrated and overlooked prepping items

27 Underrated Prepping Items

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When it comes to prepping items, there’s no lack of hearing about certain items.

  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Ammo
  • Cook sets
  • Paracord

And so on. The list of commonly talked about items goes on and on.

But there are some items that would be helpful and are rarely talked about because they aren’t ‘cool’. It’s not cool to talk about hygiene, but it’s important none-the-less. It’s not cool to talk about laundry, but also important.

So let’s talk about some items that are important and rarely talked about.

Here are 27 underrated prepping items:

  1. Towel/cloth – Some sort of small towel or cloth is going to be pretty dang useful for hygiene and general cleaning. I have a lightweight microfiber cloth in many of my kits that I use every single time I go out camping. Think about how often you use a towel or paper towels or cloths at the home and you’ll soon realize why they’d be important in your preps, too.
  2. Information – As much as preppers tote the importance of knowledge, information is rarely talked about as an important prep. Keep books, little cards, print out some pages of paper with important information. Keep pamphlets or pocket guides. Information is power.
  3. Organization – Organizational items such as pencil cases, boxes and ziploc bags are handy and inexpensive ways of keeping your preps organized.
  4. Socks – The right socks can make all the difference. Your feet are pretty important, so let’s take care of them. Merino wool have always proved to be a great option for me year-round. When choosing socks, just avoid cotton as it’s not the best option for feet.
  5. Shoes – Along with socks, shoes are important. The better we take care of our feet, the better our feet take care of us! All part of proper morale.
  6. Sleeping pad – There is no reason to make yourself suffer by sleeping on the ground. There are a lot of lightweight sleeping pads available these days. Getting a good nights sleep is extremely important. Plus a sleeping pad gives space between you and the ground to keep you warmer.
  7. Notepads – Notepads are essential part of gear, I think. Write down observations, locations, notes to others or whatever else. Don’t forget a pen!
  8. Beeswax – I often hear people talk about items that have been made with beeswax (like candles) but rarely do I hear people talk about keeping beeswax around. Keeping a good supply of beeswax is a good idea so that you can make all kinds of things. If planning to make candles, don’t forget to keep wicks around, as well.
  9. Cash – I can’t tell you how many times that in just everyday life I’ve come across businesses that only accept cash. And in an emergency, if the power goes out and you need gas, the gas station will probably still be able to pump gas for a while (because of the generator) but probably won’t be able to swipe any cards. Keep some cash around for everyday and for emergencies and disasters.
  10. Extra pair of glasses – If you wear glasses, you need at least one backup pair. Don’t forget a glasses repair kit (or gorilla tape).
  11. Sunglasses – In addition to glasses, you need to protect your peepers by protecting them from the sun with sunglasses.
  12. Sunscreen – A sunburn is not just annoying, it’s really bad for your skin and sometimes it could knock you on your feet from the immense pain. Made sure sunscreen is up-to-date because it does expire.
  13. Bug spray – You don’t want to be contracting disease from mosquitos. Keep bugs off of you, your gear and your surrounding areas with bug spray and other bug deterrents.
  14. Hand sanitizer – Most people jump to using hand sanitizer as a fire starter, but I store it to be used as its intended purpose.
  15. Pet supplies – I so rarely hear about taking care of pets. Make sure they have their needs taken care of, such as any medications, food, water, first aid, toys, brush, etc.
  16. Crafts – Keep your kids busy during an emergency or crisis with crafts and other games. Very important for morale and your sanity.
  17. Printed pictures – You know what’s gotten people through some bad times an wars? Pictures. Taking a glance at a picture of a loved one always brings a smile. Great for morale and to help keep us moving forward.
  18. Female hygiene – Nobody likes to talk about feminine hygiene products so it never gets talked about. If you’re a female or have a female in the household, it’s important to stock up on feminine hygiene products, reusable items is even better.
  19. Solar panels – For as off grid as every prepper
  20. Sewing kit – Sewing is not seen as a necessity, but it should be. It’s easy to fix clothes and gear when you know how to sew and have a small sewing kit handy.
  21. Cooking oil – Oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are great for cooking and even great for beauty products.
  22. Spices – Spices are not a comfort item, they make food taste better! Spice up your life!
  23. Dental hygiene – If you don’t take care of your teeth, there could be problems with your whole body! People can actually die from teeth issues. Get a good dental hygiene kit together and keep plenty of dental hygiene products around (toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes).
  24. Manicure set – Long nails are not only annoying (dirt under the nails is just the worst!) but you can cause a lot of damage if your nail breaks. Or if a hang nail gets ripped off and infected,
  25. Soap – Keeping bars of soap around is inexpensive and easy. Keeping any soap around is a good idea. Proper hygiene is important.
  26. Hair care – If you have long hair (like I do) keep a brush/comb around, along with hair ties and scissors to cut hair.
  27. Proper clothing – Choose the right clothing for your region. For example, cotton is bad for the cold, but great for the heat.

There are going to be other items that are very specific to you, such as if you have any health concerns.

Regardless, my suggestion is to write down a list of things you use everyday, as well as things you think you might need while outdoors. Go camping and discover things that you want/need. Run mock emergency drills and see what you want/need.

What are some other underrated or overlooked prepping items?


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5 thoughts on “27 Underrated Prepping Items”

  1. Morgan, do you have a good place to get those Merino socks? I’m on a fixed income and have to be frugal about everything.

    1. Hi Lynne, I have a Costco membership and get my merino socks from there. Its like $15-20 for a 4 pack, which is insanely cheap for merino wool socks. If you don’t have a Costco membership, maybe someone you know does and can get them for you? I can only find them during the winter months, though. I usually stock up in the winter.

  2. I had everything you talked about except beeswax AND Merino wool socks; all my socks
    are cotton and I live south of you which makes always hot. Will check out Merino wool

    1. I live in San Antonio, TX where it not only gets hot, but it gets humid. I always thought merino wool socks were going to be miserable. But I actually wear them year-round and they don’t make my feet hot, in fact, they help my feet breathe, they prevent them from getting wet and they’re just super soft and comfortable.

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