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30 Must Have Food/Pantry Items to Stockpile

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If you’re getting prepared for an emergency or disaster, I’d say food is one of the first things you should be stocking up on.

While this is a list of food items to stockpile, it’s important to keep in mind that water must also be stockpiled. Rice uses water. Dried beans uses water. You need water for hygiene, drinking, cleaning and eating purposes.

So don’t forget the water!

I always recommend at least 2 gallons of water per person, per day.

One last tip, many of these items will need to be stored properly in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. For instance, if you buy a bag of flour, transfer it to a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber.

Let’s get right to it then!

Here are 30 must have food items for your stockpile:

  1. White rice (can store brown, but it will go rancid quicker)
  2. Dry/canned/boxed pasta
  3. Oil (such as olive oil)
  4. Flour (white or wheat)
  5. Sugar
  6. Honey
  7. Tomato sauce, paste, chunks, etc.
  8. Canned meats; tuna, chicken, turkey, roast beef, spam, etc.
  9. Canned vegetables; corn, carrots, green beans, etc.
  10. Canned beans (uses less resources than dried beans)
  11. Baking soda
  12. Baking powder
  13. Spices; salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.
  14. Canned fruits; peaches, pears, etc.
  15. Drink mixes; coffee, tea, tang, protein powder, lemonade, electrolytes, etc.
  16. Evaporated milk and/or powdered milk
  17. Just add water pancake mix
  18. Just add water hash browns
  19. Oatmeal
  20. Freeze dried #10 cans and meals
  21. Corn starch
  22. Cream of soups; cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, etc.
  23. Snacks of your choosing
  24. Vinegar
  25. Peanut butter
  26. Condiment packets
  27. Ramen
  28. Canned chili
  29. Granola/protein/cereal bars
  30. Bread crumbs

These are just starter ideas. The type of food you store will vary depending on what you eat. Store what you eat. If you don’t like spam, don’t store spam. If you have health concerns, keep those in mind.

Again, store what you eat.

It’ll be stressful enough in an emergency or disaster, you don’t want to have to force yourself or others to eat something you don’t even like.

Also, this list will change depending on if you have children or pets.

For newborns/young children, you’ll want to store formula and baby food.

For pets, you’ll want to store at least an extra bag of their normal food. You may also consider storing extra canned foods for them depending on their regular diet or what you think they might eat without making them sick.

Once last piece of advice; learn how to cook with your food storage. Create a menu plan and cook with your preps at least once a month to get an idea of what all can be made from your food storage.

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!

Conquer Tomorrow by Preparing Today

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Morgan is the founder of 'Rogue Preparedness' (formerly 'Armed Rogue'). She has been a prepper for about a decade. She is constantly mastering new skills and techniques and then passing on that knowledge. It is her hope to reach as many people as possible to help them get prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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