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5 SHTF Tips for Female Preppers

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Female preppers aren’t so different than male preppers. We do have a few unique needs, though. Many preppers are afraid to talk about female prepper needs because it’s “icky”. If they don’t have to deal with it, then why even bother talking about it?

Because males and females must co-exist and work together.

Any specific needs of males and females need to be important to everyone not just per individual. And because female preppers needs aren’t talked about as much, I’d like to cover a few things.

Here are 5 tips for female preppers so that we can better be prepared for any emergency or disaster.

  1. Feminine hygiene – Yes, we have very specific needs when it comes to feminine hygiene. Most specifically, we need something for our monthly menstrual cycles. There are several options that we can prep to make our lives easier. We want to focus on reusability. Tampons and pads are not reusable and you’ll have to find a way to properly discard of them. One good option is something like the Diva Cup. This is a reusable option that you clean. Another option is reusable pads, again, something you can clean. If you’re out in the middle of the wilderness with no modern options, you can use clumps of grass, moss, hay or you can use some clothes and stuff it with something like moss. Don’t forget any OTC medications or natural remedies for cramps.
  2. Pregnancy – It’s probably not the most ideal time to get pregnant during an SHTF situation, but you could have already been pregnant before-hand. Regardless, we need to be prepared. I made a video about a birthing kit that I think every woman needs, even if you have one just to help other women. It’s best to prevent pregnancy as best as you can. You could carry condoms, but heat and excessive moisture can damage them over time. Keep vitamins on hand and in general, regularly take vitamins to maximize health.
  3. Hair/skincare – I’m a firm believer that men need to take care of themselves, but women tend to have more of a desire to take care of ourselves. Carry a microfiber cloth to wipe yourself down. Carry some hotel bar soap (and learn how to make your own!). Carry some hair ties. Carry a mirror/hair brush compact like this one. Carry some lotion. Carry some dry shampoo (baking soda/corn starch mixture works great). Carry nail clippers.
  4. Self-defense – Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Women and children are usually prime targets and we should do everything we can to protect ourselves. A variety of self-defense options is usually best and always try to get distance whenever possible as close combat isn’t ideal. Pepper spray, knife, gun and martial arts (specifically, krav maga) are usually the best options. No matter what you decide to choose, make sure you know how to use them with tons of practice and be prepared to use them. Stay vigilant with situational awareness.
  5. EDC – Women have basically always been preppers, they’ve always had an array of stuff in their purse. Here are some things that I believe every woman should keep in a purse, bag or even in pockets (if possible) to help you everyday or in an emergency or disaster. Chapstick, manicure set (with tweezers), survival kit, first aid kit (with OTC medications if desired), snacks, cash ($20-40), cell phone charger and cable, bandana, sillcock key, tampon/pad, water bottle always filled with water. If you have children; wipes, extra clothes and extra diapers.

When it comes down to it, men and women need to work together to thrive in any emergency, disaster or SHTF situation. There won’t be any specific roles that anyone just ‘falls into’, it will based on skills and personal preference.

What other tips would you offer female preppers?

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!


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3 thoughts on “5 SHTF Tips for Female Preppers”

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  2. suggestions for the team— especially appreciated by the ladies:
    A semi-waterproof portable ground cloth – which is compact- Hansd sized when folded.
    Great changing surface, great sitting spot or other stuff
    such as:
    (Even worked great for us on a picnic to Normandy!

    a small portable microfibre face towel — like a backpacking one. say a 10″ one

    Those dry compressed cloths – ‘wizzy wipes” i think Canadian prepper calls them. they are great

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