Prepper Product of The Week 12/20/17 – Anti Corrosion Parts & Ammo Bags

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I recently picked up some of these anti-corrosion bags for my ammo. These are great bags for your bug out bag, everyday carry, get home bag, if you happen to keep ammo in your car, etc.

These are great for a lot of other purposes outside of ammo, I just happened to buy them for ammo purposes.

They’re large bags so you can hold quite a bit in each bag. Some of the reviews said that it was difficult to close, but I didn’t find that to be the case. It’s like a ziploc, very easy to open and close.

So far, I think they’re great. I’ll be doing an official test of them, but one of the reviews also said they buried ammo in this bag and the ammo was just fine.

Check it out here: Anti-Corrosion Ammo Bags


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