Who Cares What Tool You Hunt With – Just Get Out and Hunt!

Who Cares What Tool You Hunt With – Just Get Out and Hunt!
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Editor/Contributor: Joshua Garcia

I love hunting, even though I am unable to get out and do it as often as I would like. I hunt with a rifle and compound bow, depending on the season/animal/circumstance. I hope to get into hunting with a shotgun, but I’ll be honest, I have not spent enough time with a shotgun to get any good at it. Yet.

A new trend has appeared where hunters are shaming other hunters for the type of tool that they use to hunt with. Such as a bow, rifle, shotgun, knife, whatever. You usually only see it online, but I have had a couple interesting conversations in person about people wanting to shame me for my choice of hunting tool.

Here are a couple examples that I’ve seen:

  • If you hunt with a recurve, you shame those who hunt with a compound.
  • If you hunt with a bow, you shame those who hunt with a rifle.
  • If you hunt with anything other than what you consider to be the ‘official tool of hunting’, you shame them.

I have one question for these people:

Who cares?

I feel like the hunting community gets enough grief from the anti-hunting people, that we as a hunting community really should stick together and support each other, no matter what someone uses to hunt with.

That’s the glory of hunting, there are a bunch of ways to hunt, not just with the tool that you decide to use, but where, how, when, etc.

It shouldn’t matter WHAT you decide to hunt with – just as long as you’re getting out there and enjoying the experience of hunting!

I know, I know, lots of people are just going to tell me, “it’s just a joke”, but it’s really not funny because making these jokes really do discourage those individuals who are so proud of their rifle hunt, but you then come along and say, “OH EM GEE, HOW EASY WITH RIFLE, WHY U NO HUNT WITH HOMEMADE BOW LIKE ANCESTORS.”

It doesn’t matter.

Hunting is not easy, no matter what tool you use. It takes a lot of training, research, preparation and general education.

Sure, I’d love to hunt with a recurve one day. But not today and not any time soon. It may never happen. But who cares?

Instead, let’s:

Encourage & congratulate.


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