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Learn How to Store Food and Water for Emergencies

Want to learn how to store food and water for emergencies? This book is an extensive guide on how to: Types of food to store Gardening/sprouting How to calculate how much food and water you […]

Top 10 Items for Get Home Bag

Everyone loves to talk about a BOB, but what about the get home bag? Many of us won’t carry our bug out bags around with us in the car, though some of us do. For […]

How To Improve Accuracy with Your Bow 

These techniques that I list below have personally helped me improve my accuracy. I don’t recommend anything unless I myself have tried it and know that it works. I’ve been doing archery for 13 years […]

My 13 Year Journey with Archery

I wanted to share my journey with archery. It has changed drastically over the past 13 years. 2003: I had always been interested in archery but never really thought much of it, so when I […]