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Be Prepared When Off Roading

When exploring unknown places, it’s imperative to be prepared for the unexpected. Our Jeep is filled with different kits and items that help us handle any situation. We have a tool kit, specific to our […]

Top 4 Wearable Fire Starters

I feel like I talk about fire starting skills and tools a lot. I talk about it a lot because fire can be the source of survival. It provides warmth, security, light, cooks food, boils […]

Top 4 Emergency Shelter Ideas

Editor/Contributor: Joshua Garcia Shelter is generally #2 on my list (#1 is water). However, it’s still important. When we think about shelter, we need to keep in mind that the clothes on our back and […]

Top 5 Survival/Prepper Fire Starters & Fire Starting Tips

Instafire – I don’t watch much TV but apparently the inventors of this product were on Shark Tank! Instafire is truly awesome. It lights easily and you only need a little bit to get a […]

11 Tips for Camping with a Newborn

We recently took our 2 and a half month old daughter camping for the first time. We were so excited and while many people said it was too early and she was too young, we […]