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How do you decide your EDC (everyday carry)? [Podcast]

In today’s Rogue Preparedness Podcast, I talk about my EDC as well as how to decide what type of EDC is right for you. Everyday carry items are always changing based on needs, what might […]

Bug Out Camping with Toddler & Dogs [Podcast]

In this weeks episode of the Rogue Preparedness Podcast, Morgan talks about a recent camping trip she went on to test her bug out abilities with her bug out bag, toddler and 2 dogs. It’s […]

How to Budget Time and Money to Get Prepared [Podcast]

In this episode, we talk extensively about making goals, how to make prepping a priority and appropriately budgeting time and money towards getting prepared. We’re all so “busy” these days, but if you’re truly interested […]

The Missing Prepper Link: Intelligence w/Mark of Sentinel Intel Group [Podcast]

Preppers focus so much on gear but tend to fail to focus on information and intelligence. Do you know what’s really going on in your neighborhood or region or even the rest of the world […]

Safety & Security Tips for Preppers w/Ethical Preparedness [Podcast]

Our first guest on the Rogue Preparedness Podcast is Ethical Preparedness! He talks to us about safety and security measures that we can take everyday and for emergencies and disasters. A must listen! Check out […]

How to Train Your Mind for Survival [Podcast]

In this weeks podcast, we talk about how you can train your mind in everyday life so that you can better be prepared to handle an emergency or disaster. Your mind can either make you […]

Thoughts on Situational Awareness and Self-Defense [Podcast]

In this weeks podcast we talk about how situational awareness plays a part in our overall safety and preparedness, but there’s a lot more to it than just being situationally aware. Not only that, but […]

We’re all prepping for something different [Podcast]

In today’s podcast, I talk about how we’re all prepping for different things and there’s nothing wrong with the way anyone preps. If they don’t want to have a bug out bag or 20 years […]

What The Homeless Can Teach Us About Preparedness [Rogue Preparedness Podcast]

I just started a podcast! I’m starting it out with a bang by talking about some prepping tips that we can learn from the homeless. Whether they’ve chosen to be homeless or whether they’ve run […]