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Prepping Tip of the Week 2/2/18  – How will you use the bathroom during SHTF?

Even during an emergency or disaster, we’ll still have to go to the bathroom. It’s not a subject that’s talked about a lot but it’s still important to prep for it. Do you have a […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 1/12/18 – When was the last time you inventoried your BOB?

I have a reminder set in my phone to inventory my bug out bag every 3 months. I could probably push it to 6 months, but those 3 months really sneaks up on you fast! […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 1/5/18 – Setting Reminders to Get Prepared

There are a lot of ways for people to remind themselves to get prepared. Maybe they need a visual cue on a sticky note stuck to their bathroom mirror. Maybe they need an accountability partner. […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/22/17 – Freeze Water for Emergencies

This is a classic tip and one that should be repeated as often as possible. Do you keep bags or jugs of frozen water in your freezer(s)? Here’s why you should: They keep your freezer […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/15/17 – Tools That Fit Your Skill Level

If you have tools that you don’t know how to use or don’t feel confident using, then they’re basically going to be useless to you during an emergency or disaster. A ‘tool’ doesn’t have to […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/8/17 – Lip Balm Fire Starter

Lip balm isn’t just good for chapped lips! It’s great as a fire starter as well. As long as the lip balm has petroleum or beeswax, it will be great to smear onto any tinder […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/1/17 – Storing Water in Your Vehicle

There is a huge debate on this subject, but here is what I know from personal experience: it’s perfectly fine to store water in your vehicle for long periods of time. It’s perfectly fine to […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 11/22/17 – Glow Sticks

We have tons and tons and tons of glow sticks. They’re an easy, quick, lightweight light source that requires no batteries. Sure, once you’ve cracked them open and they’ve stopped glowing, then they’re basically trash. […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 11/15/17 – DIY Ranger Bands

Ranger bands can be used for a variety of things. I love using them to “lock” altoid tins and also as a way to secure items to other items or even to organize items, such […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 11/8/17 – Storing pet food for emergencies

There are two ways that we store our dog food for emergencies. The first way is by buying an extra bag and keeping that on hand for bugging in purposes. This makes sure that we […]