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Prepper Video of the Week 2/12/18 – Darn Tough Socks

The search for great socks at an affordable price is never ending. Live4Wild shows us a quick video about these Darn Tough Socks! Subscribe to my weekly mailing list where I offer tips and advice […]

Prepper Video of the Week 2/5/18 – Getting Kids Outdoors

I absolutely love Spirit Forest’s YouTube channel. She is so positive, smart and has this amazing way of teaching. She shows how amazing she is when she brings her kids out and has them show […]

Prepper Video of the Week 1/8/18 – Cold vs Flu: What’s the difference?

It’s the cold and flu season! Here’s a great video about how you can tell the difference between a cold and a flu.

Prepper Video of the Week 12/18/17 – Children’s Bug Out Bag

My daughter isn’t old enough to carry her own bug out bag yet, but this video has offered a lot of great ideas! If you have a child and you want to create a bug […]

Prepper Video of the Week 12/11/17 – Budget Chest Seal [First Aid]

I’ve had my eye on chest seals to add to my first aid kits but they’re usually very expensive. This video from Bushcraft412 talks about where we can get these budget chest seals and even […]

Prepper Video of the Week 12/4/17 – Water Purification for Beginners

I love how Ethical Preparedness spells it out exactly how it is. This is a great video that talks about water purification for the complete beginner. Watch the video to learn more: Subscribe to my […]

Prepper Video of the Week 11/27/17 – Food Ideas for Get Home Bag

Do you have a long ways to travel to get from your work to home? When it comes to finding the right foods for your get home bag, it’ll really depend on how long you […]

Prepper Video of the Week 11/20/17 – Kevlar An Alternative to Paracord?

I watched a video by my friend Country Prepper who is looking for alternative cordage options to paracord. Paracord has become the standard in the prepper universe because of how much weight it can hold. […]

Prepper Video of the Week 11/13/17 – Emergency Mental Preparedness Game

In addition to physical training, we need to train our mind for emergencies and disasters. How do we go about doing that? We can train our mind through everyday activities. Say you’re at the grocery […]

Prepper Video of the Week 11/6/17 – Scouting Bug Out Locations

I adore Mrs. Vital Survival, you should definitely subscribe! In this video she talks about scouting your bug out locations and why it’s important to do so well ahead of SHTF. Check it out: Subscribe […]