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You’re Prepared for Any Emergency or Disaster; Now What?

So, you think you’re prepared for anything, huh? Prepping is an ongoing task. You don’t need to do something every single day, but some sort of task needs to be done at least once a […]

Be Informed! Simple Intel That Anyone Can Gather TODAY Pre-SHTF

This is a guest post written by Mark from Sentinel Intel Group. Head over to his website for the latest intel to keep you informed about the goings-ons of this crazy world we live in. […]

How to Carry 72 Hours of Water in Your Bug Out Bag? – Bugging Out

I recently read an article about The Secret to Carrying 72 Hours of Water that talked about the options that we need to consider when it comes to having 72 hours worth of water on […]

20 Budget Prepper Items Under $30

There’s no reason you can’t get prepared on a budget. The below items are to give you an idea of how far your money can go for quality, budget items. I’ve used every single one […]

Easy Fitness Tips ANYONE Can Do RIGHT NOW! [Prepper Fitness]

Fitness is an incredibly important part of preparedness that is rarely talked about. And if it is talked about, it’s from people who are doing 20 mile runs every morning and spending 10 hours at […]

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Be Rescued in an Emergency or Disaster

I normally try not to be so dramatic with my post titles, but so many people think that during an emergency or disaster that they’ll just be rescued by someone else; fire, police, CERT, military, […]

8 Practical Tips To Be Prepared for Everyday Life

The whole point of being prepared is to know that you have the ability to take care of yourself and your family when something unexpected happens. It’s not all about the end of the world […]

Letting Go of Doomsday

This is a guest post by: Gribley One morning, when my wife was twenty-four weeks pregnant, I demolished our entire kitchen. The plan was to complete the remodel by the time the baby came. […]

Be Prepared for Your Daily Commute With These Tips!

Are you prepared for your daily commute? This may seem like a silly question, but there are many reasons why we want to be prepared for our daily commutes. You could get stranded because of […]

Overwhelmed? 5 Ways To Take Action and Get Prepared NOW

There is so much information about preparedness online and while it may be all free, it’s also overwhelming. Your time isn’t free. In fact, your time is extremely valuable. I want to help you get […]