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Prepper Product of the Week – Ova Easy Egg Crystals

On a recent camping trip, I decided to try these Ova Easy Egg Crystals. They’ve always been a bit high priced, but then I got to thinking, it’s not like we’re going to be using […]

Prepper Product of the Week – Bug Out Bag Survival Fire Starting Kit

I have a couple of the B.O.S.S. kits and they are quite well thought out. For everything that’s inside these kits, you can’t put these together yourself for the same amount of money. These kits […]

Prepper Product of the Week – FREE State Map

Recently, my friend Prepper Potpourri posted a video about the importance of maps for preparedness. I absolutely agree with this. We rely on technology so much to map us from this place to the other, […]

Prepper Product of The Week 3/9/18 – AquaPodKit [Emergency Water]

There are many ways to have emergency water around and one of the easiest ways is through your bathtub. With the AquaPodKit you put the liner in the bathtub, easily hook it up to your […]

Prepper Product of The Week 3/2/18 – Preparedness Planner

I’ve always been very driven when it comes to being prepared. I’ve always done my best to continually find new challenges and try new things to be better prepared. However, sometimes I get lazy. We […]

Prepper Product of The Week 2/14/18 – Children’s Gun Safety Book

If you have children and you have guns, you’re going to want to teach them about firearm safety. With Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules by Julie Golob, this is a great way to introduce your […]

Prepper Product of The Week 2/7/18 – UltiClip

I came across UltiClip at SHOT Show and was pleasantly surprised by how durable the clip is. You change out your old clip on your gun or knife holster and use this clip instead because […]

Prepper Product of The Week 1/10/18 – Minimalist Kydex Wallet

I’ve been using this minimalist Kydex Wallet for years now. It’s made of a hard material called Kydex. I’ve dropped it numerous times and it will not break! I can carry anywhere between 8-10 cards. […]

Prepper Product of The Week 12/20/17 – Anti Corrosion Parts & Ammo Bags

I recently picked up some of these anti-corrosion bags for my ammo. These are great bags for your bug out bag, everyday carry, get home bag, if you happen to keep ammo in your car, […]

Prepper Product of The Week 12/13/17 – Goal Zero Nomad Portable Solar Panel

If you’re looking for a portable solar panel to charge your devices on the go, especially for your bug out bag, I feel the Goal Zero Nomad is a great option. I’ve been using this […]