Category: Product of the week

Prepper Product of The Week 12/6/17 – Durable Rain Poncho

I have learned that carrying around those $1 poncho’s that rip easily and are a pain to work with are just not going to cut it when I need protection from the rain. I have […]

Prepper Product of The Week 11/24/17 – Paracord/Cordage Organizer

I don’t know about you, but I need to stay organized. And when pracord or general cordage gets unorganized, it’s a nightmare! Keep your cordage organized with these ladders, winders and anything else you can […]

Prepper Product of The Week 11/17/17 – Jetboil

I only recently got a Jetboil but it has forever changed our lives. It boils water within just a few minutes, cutting our cooking time in half and it really doesn’t use anymore fuel than […]

Prepper Product of The Week 11/10/17 – Mountain House Chicken Fajita

The Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl is one of our absolute favorite meals. It’s clear that many other people love it too because whenever we go to REI to get some, they’re sold out! Or […]