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Stop Listening to These 10 Survival Myths

There’s a lot of bad survival information out there, not sure how it’s come about but some of that information will straight up get you killed. There’s also a lot of information that people come […]

How to Survive with a Mylar Survival Emergency Blanket

The mylar survival blanket is poo-pooed by many people in the outdoors industry because they think it just doesn’t work. On the contrary, the way that the survival blanket works is by reflecting your own […]

How To Bug Out With Kids

When I got pregnant with Baby Rogue, I knew immediately that I would have a lot of work to do when it came to preparedness. Being prepared for adults is so easy, but as soon […]

Real Life Emergency Bug Out – “My First Bug Out”

At about 6:00 pm, on November 9, 1977, L&N freight train no. 407 derailed at Gull point near Pensacola, Florida. Among the 35 cars that tumbled off the track that evening were 2 containing anhydrous […]

How To Navigate Using an Analog Watch Instead of Compass

It can be easy to lose your bearings without a compass. Yet, there are ways of findings North, East, South, and West even without a compass. One method is using an Analog Watch. For the […]

Prepping 101: Bartering,Trading Items & Skills for SHTF

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about bartering and trading in SHTF. You’ll probably find a lot of articles online that talk about a million and 1 possible items to barter/trade. […]

Top 4 Wearable Fire Starters

I feel like I talk about fire starting skills and tools a lot. I talk about it a lot because fire can be the source of survival. It provides warmth, security, light, cooks food, boils […]

Top 4 Emergency Shelter Ideas

Editor/Contributor: Joshua Garcia Shelter is generally #2 on my list (#1 is water). However, it’s still important. When we think about shelter, we need to keep in mind that the clothes on our back and […]

Do you know where the nearest Nuclear Power Reactors are to you?

This post isn’t to scare you, it’s to simply inform you of a potential danger in case of a wide spread emergency or disaster or even a small leak. Nuclear power plants generate a lot […]

Top 5 Survival/Prepper Fire Starters & Fire Starting Tips

Instafire – I don’t watch much TV but apparently the inventors of this product were on Shark Tank! Instafire is truly awesome. It lights easily and you only need a little bit to get a […]