Gift Ideas for the Unprepared – Holiday Survival Kits

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Do you know someone who isn’t a prepper, but you want to help them be prepared for emergencies and disasters?

Above is a video that I did in 2015 that goes over some ideas.


Here are some really easy ideas:

Car Kit – Make them a nice car kit that they can easily stash away under their seat. Make sure to include a list of items that are in there and make sure that you open it up with them so that they know what’s in there and how to use each item.

Fire Kit – Make them a comprehensive, easy to use fire kit. Keep the skill level of your user in mind. If they don’t know how to use a ferro rod (or don’t plan to learn), then don’t include a ferro rod. Include easy stuff like jute twine, lighters, matches and some cotton balls with vaseline.

Lights Out Kit – Make them a lights out kit with a flashlight, some extra food and water, some candles and lighter(s), maybe a weather radio or crank radio and maybe a couple emergency blankets and anything else you can think of that would be beneficial to them.

These are just some ideas. The type of kit that you make someone will vary depending on their skill, their interest, who they are in relation to you, etc. Don’t give someone a kit that is completely out of their knowledge or expertise.

The biggest tip I have when it comes to giving anyone a kit, whether for a Christmas gift or birthday gift or any type of gift, is to make sure that they know what’s inside and how to use everything. Let them place the kit where ever they want. It’s also a good idea to have a list of items inside the kit. And always show them how to use the items (if necessary).

What are some other gift ideas for the unprepared?


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