We All Gotta Start Somewhere

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Whether it’s a new skill, trade, hobby or career; we all have to start somewhere. We didn’t come into this world automatically knowing everything about everything.

So when I see a picture of someone who is shooting a gun incorrectly, I feel the desire to help them, not criticize. But sometimes I also keep my mouth shut, because sometimes it’s just a picture of someone I don’t know and probably never will. Of course I’ll be more invested in someone I do know. Too many people see something “incorrectly” done on the internet and SWARM to tell that person how terribly they’re doing it.

First, I need to see if what they’re doing is getting results. For instance, are they successfully getting a fire started with a ferro rod with little to no effort, regardless if it’s the “right” way or not? If yes, then leave them alone! If they are having difficulty, then I might be like, “Hey, I see you’re having some trouble, would you mind if I offered some advice on how to strike a ferro rod?”

Very rarely will I just go straight into my opinion about how to do something. That’s really not an effective way to get through to someone.

What’s even less effective is if you mock them for doing that particular thing “wrong” and instead of trying to help, you just say, “you’re awful, learn how to do that right.”

Be constructive. 

I know how it feels to be lashed out at for doing something “wrong”, even when I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Sure, there might be a better way to do something, but if I’m getting the results that I desire, then what is the problem?

Now, if I’m not getting results, that’s completely different and I would want to find every possible way to improve what I’m doing.

When I went into my first competition shoot, I wasn’t shooting great and it showed. I thought my stance and grip and everything was just fine. But after a frustrating stage, I was offered assistance by another female shooter and shown a proper grip. It was like night and day with my shooting.

In that instance, I knew I needed help and I was glad to take it. She also asked if I wanted help, she didn’t just jump in and immediately assume that I wanted assistance.

Of course, we should always be open to suggestions, but sometimes, if you’re getting results, why mess with it? Everyone will have a difference of opinion when it comes to EVERYTHING!!!

But please, for the sanity of everyone, keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. If you see a novice, ask them if they would like your advice to possibly improve. If they refuse, then fine, no skin off your nose.

Also, depending on what you’re doing, take certain suggestions with a grain of salt. With some things, there are multiple ways to get to the same result so there’s really no one right way to do it and those who are more trained or skilled, need to be aware of that.

There’s so much to learn in this world and we all have to start somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “We All Gotta Start Somewhere”

  1. Well said, Morgan! It can be very discouraging for beginners to be told to ‘read the freakin’ manual’, and end up with no positive feedback. Prepping can be a big learning curve for everybody, and the best student is a teacher!

    1. Wow, several months later and just now seeing this comment! So sorry for the extremely late reply. But yes, you are absolutely correct!

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