What I Hope to Teach my Daughter about Being Prepared

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For those that don’t know, I am due to give birth to a girl in mid-July of 2016. This is our first child.

I have many aspirations for my daughter. I don’t want to be unrealistic and push her into things that she doesn’t want to do because I know she’ll have her own interests and own personality and I want to be able to nurture those interests and personality to the best of our ability.

However, I feel there will definitely be a few things that I will need her to pay attention to and really learn when it comes to preparedness.

  1. I hope to make it fun. I don’t want prepping to be this daunting task for her, I want it to be something that is just apart of her life. I think that’ll be an easy accomplishment if we start her off from the get-go. Teaching her our plans, teaching her about survival, teaching her about being prepared. I just want her to know that prepping is just apart of life, she shouldn’t know any different.
  2. I want to teach her the importance of self-defense. I would love to be able to get her into MMA or some sort of realistic self-defense. But in addition to that, I want her to have self-awareness and know when to listen to her intuition. I want her to know how to use pepper spray and I want her to carry it at all times. I don’t ever want her to be taken advantage of.
  3. I want her to know where her food comes from. I want to go fishing and hunting a lot more often and have her clearly understand where her food comes from. I see so many great parents taking their kids out on fishing and hunting trips and they are just in love with it.
  4. I don’t want to her live in constant fear. My big hope is that even though I want her to understand that being prepared for bad things happening is important, I want her to still live her life to the fullest. I want her to enjoy the life that she has and I don’t want her living in constant fear of the bag things happening. But, I want her to be aware, for sure.
  5. I want her to know the value of knowledge. I love gear, but I want her to know how to build a fire, how to make shelter out of nature, how to navigate land with a compass, how to have these basic skills and knowledge that could save her life one day. I don’t want her to be totally reliant on technology, to a degree of course. I don’t mind that she’ll have a phone and will use GPS, I just want her to have basic survival knowledge, something that I guarantee her friends won’t have.

Of course I’ll also want to teach her gun safety and learning how to shoot a bow, etc.

I am optimistic about being able to teach her about preparedness and survival. I want her to even teach me a few things! This may sound very ambitions to a lot of people, especially with this being my first child, but I feel as if this is a task that I am more than willing to tackle. I know it’ll be 2-4 years before she’s really able to comprehend all this stuff, but I’m excited to be able to raise her with a victim-less mindset.

If all else fails, I just want to teach her to be a strong, independent person who isn’t afraid to be who she wants to be.

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