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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for The Prepper Mom

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Our moms do so much for us every single day and if your mom also happens to be a prepper then she does 100x more than the average mom! We should appreciate the moms in our lives every single day, but Mother’s Day is a great way to give that extra bit of thanks and really let them know how much we appreciate them.

If there’s a mom in your life, treat her to something extra nice on Mother’s Day.

Here are my top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for the prepper/outdoor mom:

1. Spontaneous adventure: Take mom out for a weekend of outdoor fun! If she loves to camp and get outdoors, then take her outdoors! No need to buy any new gear, just get out there and enjoy the fresh air!

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2. Get her something useful: Does your mom need a new backpack? Maybe she needs a new pair of boots? Maybe she needs some new summer hiking clothes? Take her out and let her pick out her own backpack, boots, clothes, etc. Make mom feel special by actually going to the store(s) with her and letting her shop for what she really wants!

3. Get her something fun: Is your mom really into bullet jewelry or a bullet bouquet? Get her some! Does she like gadgets like fun multitools? Get her some!

4. Give her the gift of knowledge: I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely love receiving books as gifts. Not only books, but I would love to receive the gift of a class to better my knowledge and understanding of something. Maybe a first aid class? Firearm class? Whatever she’s been wanting to learn, help her learn it by giving her the gift of knowledge!

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5. Just say thanks: Honestly, mom does a lot, especially a prepper mom! So spend the day giving thanks to her by cooking meals for her, cleaning the house, offering to take the kids out of the house for a while; get creative and thoughtful.

Whatever you decide to get mom for Mother’s Day, just know that it doesn’t have to be pink!

If your mom likes pink, then by all means, treat her to something pink and practical; just know that it doesn’t HAVE to be pink. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day!

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today.

Conquer Tomorrow by Preparing Today

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Morgan is the founder of 'Rogue Preparedness' (formerly 'Armed Rogue'). She has been a prepper for about a decade. She is constantly mastering new skills and techniques and then passing on that knowledge. It is her hope to reach as many people as possible to help them get prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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