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Need one-on-one help with your preps? I’m here for ya to bounce ideas off or to give practical, actionable advice.

Here’s how I can help:

Pick out items for your BOB based on your specific needs and skill level
Put together a disaster plan
Put together food and water storage plans
Get advice on gear

Basically, think of me as your personal Prepper Coach!

We can chat via Skype (audio only), phone, text or a messenger app. First chat session (up to 30 minutes) is ALWAYS free!

After the first initial call, I charge $5 for every 30 minutes. Quite the bargain, huh? It’s because while my time and your time is valuable, I’m here to help, not rob you. 🙂 Payment is to be sent at least 12 hours before the schedule time of our chat.

Schedule a chat today by using the form below!


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