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Interview with a German Survivalist [Feature Friday]

This week on Feature Friday we feature The German Survivalist and get a different point of view on prepping vs the US. You can find the German Survivalist: YouTube and Instagram . Tell us a […]

Get Outside with Jen from TheWildYam [Feature Friday]

In this weeks Feature Friday, we feature Jen from TheWildYam. Follow Jen on her outdoor adventures: YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Tell us a bit about yourself: My name is Jen and I am an […]

9 Reasons to Stock-up On Rice

This a guest post written by Nettie David. You can find more of her preparedness articles at Preppers Survive. Rice is the ultimate survival food. It’s the oldest food in recorded history and currently the […]

Budget Preparedness with 3DR Survival/Bushcraft [Feature Friday]

Today on Feature Friday, we’re featuring a survivalist/bushcraft trio who are trying to be more self-reliant, but stress that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be prepared. You can find them on Instagram […]

Stop Listening to These 10 Survival Myths

There’s a lot of bad survival information out there, not sure how it’s come about but some of that information will straight up get you killed. There’s also a lot of information that people come […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Life by Getting Prepared

Being prepared has a positive ripple effect on your whole way of life. Being prepared for everyday emergencies and natural disasters isn’t just for “crazy” people. When you go on a road trip, what do […]

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for The Prepper Mom

Our moms do so much for us every single day and if your mom also happens to be a prepper then she does 100x more than the average mom! We should appreciate the moms in […]

I Don’t Have Time To Get Prepared

One of the most common excuses I hear for people who are interested in preparedness, say that they simply can’t find the time to do anything. I understand that we’re all very busy, but let’s […]

Get Prepared By Playing Conflicted The Survival Card Game

If you’ve ever wanted to challenge your mind to get you and your family prepared for an emergency or disaster; then you need to get your hands on Conflicted The Survival Card Game! The original […]

If you must bug out, where do you even bug out to?

I have people telling me all the time, “I don’t have land so I can’t bug out” or “I live in the city so I can’t bug out”, or “I can’t bug out because I […]