conflicted the prepper card game

Get Prepared By Playing Conflicted The Survival Card Game

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If you’ve ever wanted to challenge your mind to get you and your family prepared for an emergency or disaster; then you need to get your hands on Conflicted The Survival Card Game!

conflicted the prepper card game

The original deck, Deck 1: Downfall, is filled with 52 challenging questions to test everyone’s mindset. In an emergency or disaster scenario, you need to be able to act or react quickly. What better way to prepare your thought process skills by contemplating survival related questions?

Here’s one of the questions:

“Your bug out location is far off the beaten path, but you feel you need to put something as a barrier to discourage people from heading down your way. There aren’t enough materials to build a physical barrier. It has to be a psychological one that would cause people to turn away just from seeing it. What kind of psychological barrier would you build and how would it be effective?”

When you play this game, the person who’s turn it is to answer gets 3 minutes to come up with a response. Then the rest of the players judge that response on a scale of 1-3. You can easily play this game with just one other person, husband and I play it with each other just fine.

We can’t get through the whole deck in one sitting, though, because the questions are extremely challenging and they really make your brain work. After several rounds, you should probably take a break to let your mind rest a bit and really process the questions and your answers.

Your answers aren’t in stone. In fact, this is exactly what this game is designed to do: get you thinking and open up discussion.

This car game is perfect to be played on a camping trip, at home with family and friends or just whenever. It’s an actual deck of cards so it can be taken anywhere and played anywhere.

At the time of writing this post, it looks as if they have a total of 10 decks. Each deck has a whole new set of questions and tips to really get your mind thinking.

Honestly, without these cards, some of these scenarios never would have crossed my mind. And regardless if these scenarios are “realistic” or not, it’s good to be thinking of the most extreme situations so that you’re prepared for basically anything.

I also have Deck 9: Southern Prepper 1 which offers great tips and questions that is more related for southern survival; though anyone can find it useful.

If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself, your team and your family while at the same time getting better prepared; this is the game for you!

Get your own copy(s) of any of the Conflicted Card Games by clicking here.

Watch my video review here:

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today.

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