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Be Prepared When Off Roading

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When exploring unknown places, it’s imperative to be prepared for the unexpected. Our Jeep is filled with different kits and items that help us handle any situation. We have a tool kit, specific to our Jeep, in case of breakdowns, whether our own or someone else’s. We have a first aid kit in case of injuries. We have extra food, water, toilet paper and much more. We’ve had occasion to use every single kit or item in our Jeep at least once, if not more.

These items are especially important for off-roading trips. When you’re venturing into the middle of nowhere, regardless of if you have a vehicle or not, you need to be prepared.

Click the image below to learn more about how to use a Barricade Recovery Kit to get you out of tight situations when you’re off roading.

jeep barricade kit

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