Preparedness Planner

Preparedness Planner
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Are you struggling to figure out where to go with your preparedness?

The Rogue Preparedness Planner is here to support you in your prepper journey.

Here’s what’s inside:

-52 Week Planner
-Blank Checklists for you to fill out
-3 pages worth of prepper ideas in case you’re not sure what to do/learn next
-Notes in the back to use how you please

Here’s some additional pics:

I created this planner because I wanted something that could help me plan out what I needed to do to get prepared each day/week/month. I look at this planner every week to determine what needs to get done. Even if it’s just something short and simple like buy water on Friday during my normal grocery store run, that goes in the planner!

Plan weeks or months ahead, or just plan as you go; it’s your planner and you can do as you wish.

Every little detail about your prepping should go into this planner. The small achievements are just as important as the big ones.

This in an investment in your preparedness to make you more accountable; plan out your baby steps of preparedness so it doesn’t feel so daunting to reach your goals.

Here’s a video showcasing the planner:

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!

Customers in the US: $10 flat, FREE SHIPPING!

Customers outside of the US: $10
*Sorry, can’t offer free shipping to international. I know shipping is expensive, I was shocked too when I sent my first planner to Canada. I’m so sorry. There’s nothing I can do.

*Please note that all planners are made by me, they are not mass produced, so it may be 48 hours or so before the planner is shipped, Mon-Fri. If you purchase a planner on Friday, expect it to be shipped on Monday.

made in texas made in america made in usa

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