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Prepper Product of The Week 3/2/18 – Preparedness Planner

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I’ve always been very driven when it comes to being prepared. I’ve always done my best to continually find new challenges and try new things to be better prepared.

However, sometimes I get lazy. We all do. Sometimes I don’t have a clear direction on what exactly I want to focus on when it comes to preparedness.

The Rogue Preparedness Planner has given me a way to be accountable for my prepping journey.

I never thought a planner could be so powerful. But when I sit down to write in it, it forces me to think about what really needs to get done for the week.

preparedness planner
Write out your weekly tasks.

I plan out my whole week in one sitting. Each morning, I open it and look at what I need to do. If I can’t accomplish that task for that day for whatever reason, I just move it to another day, no worries.

My planner is flexible based on my time and money budget. I’m not making unrealistic goals for myself and it’s really keeping me on track.

Whether you’re a novice prepper or even more experienced like myself, it NEVER hurts to plan out what needs to get done and keep yourself on track because prepping is an ongoing process.

Get your Rogue Preparedness Planner here.

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