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Prepper Product of the Week – FREE State Map

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Recently, my friend Prepper Potpourri posted a video about the importance of maps for preparedness.

I absolutely agree with this. We rely on technology so much to map us from this place to the other, that we forget what it’s like to navigate ourselves around using a good ol’ fashioned map. We need to be able to not only carry a map, but learn how to use it and learn some land navigation as well.

Keeping a map in your BONCH, BOB, get home bag, car kit, etc., is advisable. You can never have too many maps around!

Keep them updated as roads change, areas change, etc. I’d say get a new one every couple of years.

You could also look into topographical maps. You can print topographical maps out for free, but it’s a bit time consuming. Search Google for local topographical maps.

I also download topographical maps on my iPhone, as long as I have a charge on my phone, I can access the maps (no internet needed).

Maps are important, no matter how you slice it. Add a map to your kits today!

Get your free state map here

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