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Prepper Product of the Week – Ova Easy Egg Crystals

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On a recent camping trip, I decided to try these Ova Easy Egg Crystals. They’ve always been a bit high priced, but then I got to thinking, it’s not like we’re going to be using these every single day. These are for emergency or camping uses.

So we took a bag camping with us and tried it out. It has 12 servings and we used 3 servings for Baby Rogue and myself. The egg crystals are mixed up with water and it looks a bit like pancake mix when it’s all mixed up, very smooth.

Then you cook it like you would cook scrambled eggs. We added in some bacon bits.

Let me just say that they taste exactly like fresh eggs. They were delicious, especially with the added bacon bits!

I am pleasantly surprised with these Ova Easy Eggs and I would highly recommend them!

Try out Ova Easy Egg Crystals by clicking here.

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