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Preppers: Why So Serious? Here’s How To Lighten Up

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I don’t know when or why it happened, but the prepper community has gotten a very large stick up the butt over the past several years.

Every single time I attempt humor through my YouTube channel, I get a ton of unsubscribes and down votes. Way more than on my regular “serious” posts. I’m not the only one this happens to. Plenty of other prepper YouTuber’s have noticed the same thing. Whenever they post something funny or a bit out of the ordinary, it gets a bit of backlash from the “super cereal” preppers.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s also a ton of preppers that enjoy the funny. Which warms my heart.

If we can’t make fun of ourselves, then what the heck are we even doing?

I used to be a very serious person. Something traumatic happened to me when I was in middle school and it turned me into a cold person. However, I learned to lighten up thanks to a friend that I made in my early 20s. Even after that, though, I still had a lot of growing up to do by not taking myself or life so seriously.

In fact, I think prepping really helped me to learn to not take life so seriously. There’s a lot going on in this crazy world and I have just this one life to live. Which means that I can’t waste any time being grumpy. I need to be prepared, while also living my best life. While there’s a lot of crazy, there’s also a lot of beauty.

I think some aspects of prepping are a ton of fun in and of itself!

I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. I just hope that this post will help preppers to understand that life isn’t all bad. And while we’re prepping, we can also have fun.

Look, I take prepping very seriously. I think it’s extremely important to be prepared and there are a lot of very serious reasons to be prepared.

However, we must also live our lives. We can’t go through life being upset and scared at the world and hiding away in our bunkers, cause that’ll lead to an early grave.

We get one life. We’re GIFTED this life. Yes, there’s a lot to be prepared for and a lot that we need to be aware of.

But trust me when I say this:

You can live a fun, full life, while also being prepared.


What did she just say?!

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe. But it’s true. You can be a prepper while also enjoying life.

It’s all about balance.

Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s fun.

Here are some ways that we can enjoy life a little more:

  1. Spend quality time with family
  2. Get out with your friends
  3. Take a walk in nature
  4. Go for a bike ride for no other reason than just ride your bike
  5. Jump on a trampoline
  6. Go to a comedy show
  7. Play nerf gun battle
  8. Watch the sun rise or set
  9. Create a fort in your living room
  10. Smile more
  11. Be kind to others
  12. Have a scavenger hunt (geocaching is a lot of fun)
  13. Volunteer
  14. Bake a really ugly cake
  15. Make a structure out of legos.
  16. Make a bucket list
  17. Create art
  18. Play with dogs
  19. Take a class on a random subject
  20. Go snorkeling
  21. Go ice skating
  22. Think of the positive
  23. Make fun of yourself
  24. LAUGH!

You’ve got one life. Enjoy it. While also being prepared for the bad things that can and could happen.

I promise you can do both.

Now get out there you crazy kids and quit being so serious all the time!

Conquer Tomorrow by Preparing Today

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Morgan is the founder of 'Rogue Preparedness' (formerly 'Armed Rogue'). She has been a prepper for about a decade. She is constantly mastering new skills and techniques and then passing on that knowledge. It is her hope to reach as many people as possible to help them get prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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