Prepping Tip of the Week 1/12/18 – When was the last time you inventoried your BOB?

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I have a reminder set in my phone to inventory my bug out bag every 3 months. I could probably push it to 6 months, but those 3 months really sneaks up on you fast!

In the mean time, I’m always thinking about what I can about my bug out bag to make it even better. My BOB has evolved so much over the years and it’ll continue to evolve over time.

Your BOB needs to change based on seasons, life changing events, skill level, change out the water, change out food, etc. There’s most likely always a better way to pack your bag, it just depends on where you are with your preparedness and how much you’ve learned.

When was the last time you inventoried your bug out bag? Do you have something to remind you to inventory your BOB?


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