Prepping Tip of the Week 11/8/17 – Storing pet food for emergencies

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There are two ways that we store our dog food for emergencies.

The first way is by buying an extra bag and keeping that on hand for bugging in purposes. This makes sure that we have at least 1 extra months worth of dog food. Dog food will only stay good for so long in the original packaging, so it’s up to you to decide how many extra bags of pet food you’re able to store. This includes how much space you have, this also includes how much excess money you have to devote to buying the extra food. We always use the extra bag of food when we’re out of dog food and then buy a new bag. This ensures that we always have fresh dog food available.

The second is to vacuum seal individual, daily servings. For instance, we vacuum seal the morning and evening feedings for both of our dogs in one vacuum sealed bag. This is great for travel purposes/BOB/car/etc. Many people online say that this is not a good way to do it because the oils will make it go rancid. However, we have personally tested the vacuum sealed dog food (from our particular brand of dog food) and it was good for 1 year. We fed it to the dogs a year after vacuum sealing it, they ate it and they didn’t get sick. It also smelled and looked fresh.

Here’s a video I did about food preps for pets:

I have an eBook that talks more about food and water storage for people and pets in my eBook: How to Store Food and Water for Emergencies, if you’re interested in learning more.

How do you store food for your pets?


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