Prepping Tip of the Week 12/22/17 – Freeze Water for Emergencies

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This is a classic tip and one that should be repeated as often as possible.

Do you keep bags or jugs of frozen water in your freezer(s)?

Here’s why you should:

They keep your freezer running better. The more cold products there are in your freezer, the harder your freezer has to work.

They keep your products colder, longer, during a power outage. If the power goes out, as long as you try not to open your freezer very often and have these bags/jugs of water in the freezer, they’ll stay colder, longer.

Last, you can always take out a bag of ice, let it thaw and you have yourself some usable water!

Lots of benefits for keeping water frozen in your freezer.

We use ziploc bags, but you can also use water bottles or gallons of water.

Tip for the ziploc bags: Get the press and seal, NOT the zipper. The zipper leaks.

Only takes a moment to start storing water in your freezer, get to it!


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2 thoughts on “Prepping Tip of the Week 12/22/17 – Freeze Water for Emergencies”

  1. Great tip, especially with hurricane season approaching. No doubt if the power goes out, you want your freezer to stay cold as long as possible. And great way to store extra water, I’m going to do that right now.

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