bathroom during SHTF

Prepping Tip of the Week 2/2/18 – How will you use the bathroom during SHTF?

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Even during an emergency or disaster, we’ll still have to go to the bathroom. It’s not a subject that’s talked about a lot but it’s still important to prep for it.

Do you have a bucket to use in case you can’t flush the toilet? You can keep the bucket in your normal bathroom when you’re bugging in.

Will you be able to dig a deep hole in your backyard?

Could you build a legit outhouse?

Be sure to have plenty of sanitary hand wipes, towel designated for bathroom use, as well as hand sanitizer and soaps.

Also, don’t forget the toilet paper! Or try to find an alternative to toilet paper if the toilet paper were to run out.

Lots to think about!


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