Prepping Tip of the Week 1/5/18 – Setting Reminders to Get Prepared

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There are a lot of ways for people to remind themselves to get prepared. Maybe they need a visual cue on a sticky note stuck to their bathroom mirror. Maybe they need an accountability partner. Maybe they just need to put reminders in their calendar or reminder app.

What really works great for me is scheduling my life in a reminder app. I use the reminder app called ‘Alarmed’ for iPhone. Some just use Google Calendar and a subscriber said that uses Android says that he really enjoys the app, ‘splenDo’.

I literally schedule my life, including all of my prepping, what videos I need to get done, if I need to get something specific from the store, when I need to read, etc. By scheduling these things in my app and especially then making it a reoccurring reminder, it starts to create a habit. So now I expect certain tasks to pop up each day or every week or every month or whatever the case may be. And then there are things that totally pop up out of nowhere because I scheduled it so long ago, but it reminded me to do that task!

A reminder app, even just Google Calendar, will help create a habit and help you better schedule your time to get better prepared.


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