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I’m a certified archery instructor through NASP and through USAA Archery. I’ve been teaching archery since 2004. I love to show both kids and adults the joy of archery. I’m available to teach archery to all ages. I am located in San Antonio and am willing to travel as well as, on occasion I can do Skype sessions.

I’m in the process of becoming a certified NRA Firearms Instructor. I’m still learning all I can about competitive shooting, but when it comes to firearm instruction, I am eager to help people learn how to properly and safely shoot a firearm. Right now, I offer shooting tips on my YouTube.

I’m available to speak about and give presentations on prepping and being prepared for disasters and emergencies. I have spoken at many conferences, taught small and large classes and given several presentations on local TV shows. I share tips, techniques, experiences, tests, etc on my YouTube channel.

I’d love to talk to you about what sort of presentations or education you might need. I just love to get people involved in all things outdoors, so I’m open to most anything.

Please head over to my contact page to talk with me more about your needs. 

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