Top 5 Survival/Prepper Fire Starters & Fire Starting Tips

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– I don’t watch much TV but apparently the inventors of this product were on Shark Tank! Instafire is truly awesome. It lights easily and you only need a little bit to get a good fire started. It says it will only start 4 fires, but I can start a lot more fires with the stuff inside of there. The one downside to it is that it doesn’t have a zipper! So once it’s opened, it’s open and it’ll go everywhere if you don’t close it up right. I’d suggest carrying a ziploc bag just for the purpose of storing the rest of the product once it’s opened. Here’s my product review:


– No matter how many times I use this product, I am always impressed! It absolutely does what it says and lights even when wet! You can also just use half the cube if you want, or just shave off some bits. Either way, this is one of my absolute favorite products. Here’s my review:

Maya Dust with or without vaseline

– Maya dust is created from fatwood. You shave off pieces from fatwood and then that creates an awesome fire starter. You can also store the maya dust in an altoids tin with vaseline. The vaseline helps keep the maya dust from drying out, because maya dust will dry out. Here’s my overview of the process:

Char cloth

– Making char cloth is extremely easy and then using it is even easier. You can make a ton of char cloth and store it in an altoids tin for later. A small piece of char cloth will go a long way in creating a good fire. It’s meant to be used with flint/steel or ferro rod, but you can also light it with a magnifying glass or other solar source. The type of material that you make char cloth with does matter. Here are a few videos about char cloth:

Petroleum jelly and cotton balls

– This is a classic. It just works! Get some cotton balls and get some vaseline then combine the two! My recommendation is actually to get a small tube of vaseline (like for EDC carry, like a chapstick size) and then carry the cotton balls separately. The reason I say this is because when they’re pre-made, they can be REALLY messy to take out of a ziploc later on. It only takes but a second to slap on some vaseline to a cotton ball, so you might as well wait to do it right before you make a fire.

And that’s it!

What are your fav fire starters?


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