Top 5 Gifts for the Woman Prepper in Your Life

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Women preppers really aren’t that different than men. Whether you want someone to get prepared or whether they’re a seasoned prepper, these are gifts that they’re sure to love!

NONE of these suggestions are meant to suggest that only women do these tasks or use these items. These are items that I (a woman prepper) use a lot and I know that I would love to receive them as a gift.

Is it time to upgrade your old dehydrator? I have a basic dehydrator with no timer and no frills, it literally has 1 button for on and off, that’s it. I know I’d love a fancy new dehydrator.

Organization organization organization! Anything to get better organized. Like pencil cases, ziploc bags, gear containers, food storage racks, water storage; anything of that sort is always a winner.

Fire starters! I don’t know about anyone else, but I love fire starters! I can’t get enough fire starters. Some of my favorites:

Bellows Fire Starting Kit
Zip Fire Starter

Books! We all could do with more knowledge in our noggins. There are a lot of prepper books out there, but here are a few good ones:

How to Store Food and Water for Emergencies
How to be Prepared on a Budget
Prepper Survival Hacks
SAS Survival Guide
Prepper’s Water Survival Guide
Bushcraft 101
The Survival Medicine Handbook

Sign her up for a class! To go along with more knowledge, maybe there’s a class that she’s been wanting to take for a while? Help her expand her knowledge and get better prepared by enrolling her in a local or online class.

These are obviously just suggestions and by no means a complete list. Maybe there’s something she’s been hinting at that she needs? Maybe more canning supplies or an upgraded canning systems? Maybe you want to go all out and get her a freeze dryer? Maybe you want to give her a box of tactical bacon? Hey, the sky’s the limit!

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