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Are you looking for the best mylar bags for your everyday, short-term, and long-term food storage needs?

For a long time, I was using just whatever was out there. I wasn’t exactly happy with it, but it worked.

When Wallaby Goods came around, I thought my old mylar bags were absolute garbage compared to theirs.

They’re thicker, stronger, and much easier to work with. Their oxygen absorbers are also top-notch, as in, they work as they should!

Quick note about oxygen absorbers: remember that oxygen absorbers absorb OXYGEN, not all of the air. If you see that your bags don’t look “sucked in” like you might see when you vacuum seal something, that is perfectly normal. You won’t always see your bags look “sucked in”. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t, just depends on the food, the amount, etc. Many variables.

How to tell if your oxygen absorbers are good?

If they’re soft and moveable, they’re good! If they’re hard and crunchy, they’re bad.

I have used all of their products and I’m extremely happy with everything. I will never use any other mylar bags.

One of my favorites of theirs is the gusset bag, it stands up! Finally, no more having to fight with the bag to get food inside.

They also offer individually packaged 2500cc oxygen absorbers.

Individually packaged? That’s right!

Their smaller-sized oxygen absorbers are packaged in counts of 10 which is absolutely doable. It’s just smart to have them in smaller sizes to make them more accessible to those without a vacuum sealer.

I will say, the heat sealer on my vacuum sealer won’t heat seal these bags. But I’m not even mad about that because that just means they’re too thick for the vacuum sealer!

What can I heat seal mylar bags with?

You can use an iron on low setting, a dedicated heat sealer, or a hair straightener on the lowest setting.

One of my other favorites of theirs is the MRE-style mylar bags. I often make my own dehydrated meals and these are the perfect size, plus I can place the boiling water right inside, just like a regular freeze-dried meal.

One of the first bags I received from them were black bags and oh boy, are those just the coolest bags I’ve ever used. The regular silver are just fine, but the black sure are slick and they make me feel a little better when it comes to keeping light out.

Lastly, a lot of their bags have a zipper, which means you can use them for everyday or when you do open them later on, you can just zipper it back up instead of having to completely move them to a whole new container or heat seal it back up or use a clip or anything else, just zip it back up. Super convenient.

I’ve been using them for almost two years now and have been completely happy with them.

Give Wallaby Goods a shot today! Use my code: ROGUEPREPAREDNESS for $5 off!

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