How To Survive Anything by Tim MacWelch and Outdoor Life [Book Review]


There are a ton of survival books out there that boast ‘how to survive anything’, but very rarely do they mention anything outside of the zombie apocalypse.

This book, however, talks about realistic situations from hurricanes to how to to deal with an armed madman and all the way to social collapse.

I feel like this book really does cover every conceivable situation.


What I like most about this book is how straight to the point it is. It tells you exactly how to handle each situation in just a few paragraphs. A lot of survival books will drag on and on and won’t get to the meat of it until pages later. But this jumps right into it and gives you concrete ways to help yourself in that particular scenario.

Now, because it does cover such a wide variety of topics, you don’t need to read through each and every one of them right away. You can take your time and tackle one scenario at a time and really get a grasp on what to do in that particular scenario.

It’s a very easy read with big text and lots of little tips, stats, and myth busting along the margins.

I really didn’t know how I would feel about this book, but I truly enjoyed it. I actually learned a lot and the advice is sound. It’s not some fluffy advice that’s being given to sound ‘cool’ or ‘badass’. It’s real world advice that would actually help you in these situations.

It is a big book and kinda heavy, so I don’t know if I would throw this in my BOB, but I would definitely consider throwing it in my car or just keeping it handy on the shelf under my coffee table for reference later on.

I’ve read a lot of survival books and this one really did a good job of getting the information out there without any fluff.

I would give this book a 10 out of 10!

Go check out “How To Survive Anything“! You won’t regret it.

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