Book Review: The Grow System

Book Review: The Grow System
This is written by guest poster Melonie Kennedy

Do you ever dream of growing your own groceries, making your own medicine, learning heritage
skills our ancestors used daily, and generally being more self-sufficient in this wild world we’re
living in?

If you have a windowsill, a balcony, or a bit of yard to dedicate to your efforts and the
willingness to dive in and really “DIY” it – Marjory Wildcraft has you covered with her latest
release, The Grow System.

Subtitled The Essential Guide to Modern Self-Sufficient Living —from Growing Food to Making
Medicine, The Grow System introduces readers to the first steps of becoming engaged in growing, raising, and processing all that which nourishes our bodies (and even the land needed for that growing and raising!) and helps them continue their journey as far as they’d like. Broken into three sections, this delightful title includes stories about Wildcraft’s own growth into a prepared, self-sufficient mindset and deftly explains why folks should consider pulling these ideas into their own lives.

If you’ve been on a homesteading journey for a little while, you may already know the basics of how to raise chickens or understand why knowing a few herbs is handy, but you won’t have had the joy of feeling like you sat down for a chat over a cup of (herbal, of course) tea with an author like this. Even the layout of this book encourages the reader to take their time, meander through the “conversation”, and then come back again when they need to grab the exact spacing for spinach plants or the supply list for building a rabbit tractor or making a poultice.

Wildcraft doesn’t stop at amazing anecdotes and directions for the do-it-yourself crowd; every
chapter ends with a summary section and a list of online resources for learning more about the
topics discussed.

The Grow System would be a great read for that friend who has mentioned an
urge to live more healthfully, the relative who wants to know more about small livestock, or for
the micro-homesteader looking to optimize every inch of their space, and even for the frugalista
excited to do a little foraging and gain some herbal knowledge.

While it’s available on Kindle and in audiobook format, many readers may find themselves looking for the paperback or spiral-bound version to really be able to use it as a reference book for years to come.

Pick up your copy of The Grow System today!

FTC Disclosure: The reviewer received an electronic copy of this title for review purposes, with
no monetary compensation for writing this review. The reviewer has no financial affiliation with
the author, publisher, or producer of the title and has shared her own opinion of the work.

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