How To Raise Rabbits & Quails for Self-Sufficient Food Source [Podcast]

raising rabbits and quails

When it comes to food sources during an emergency or disaster, there’s only so much food we can store. If it’s a prolonged event, we may have to think of other options.

Some of the most popular options would be to garden, along with small game hunting and/or fishing.

These are fine options, but there could be a better way that you can start doing TODAY!

Being more self-reliant shouldn’t just happen in an emergency or disaster, it should be the goal for everyday living.

Raising rabbits and quails is a great way to get started with self-sufficient food sources. You don’t need a ton of land to get started raising rabbits or quails. They’re efficient, easy to get started, easy to maintain and great sources of nutrition.

If you’re interested in learning more about raising rabbits or quail for reliant food sources, listen to this weeks podcast where I talk with Nick from The Hostile Hare.

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