How to Store Beans – Long Term Food Storage

Looking for the best ways to keep beans fresh for everyday, short term and long term food storage? Check out the below information!

Everyday – store in an airtight container, use as needed.

Short term – store in an airtight container, mason jar, vacuum sealed bag, food grade bucket or mylar bag with oxygen absorber.

Long term – store in food grade bucket or mylar bag with oxygen absorber.

What types of beans can be stored long term?

Black beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas, lima beans, navy beans, garbanzo, kidney bean store best for long term, can last up to 25+ years. Some types of peas and beans, legumes last only about 5-10 years, like split peas and lentils. Though most all beans can be stored for long term, some beans might ‘harden’ a bit and when soaked and cooked, won’t fully soften. Keep that in mind.

Do I need to use an oxygen absorber when storing beans?

Yes, you need an oxygen absorber if you’re storing it in a food grade bucket or mylar bag. There’s no need to place an oxygen absorber in if you are vacuum sealing it. Use 300-500cc for 1 gallon mylar bags and 2000-2500cc for food grade bucket or 5 gallon mylar bag. You do not need an oxygen absorber if you plan to use it regularly.

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