Top 4 Wearable Fire Starters

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I feel like I talk about fire starting skills and tools a lot. I talk about it a lot because fire can be the source of survival. It provides warmth, security, light, cooks food, boils water (for drinking) and lots more!

In short, fire is awesome.

I’m always trying to think of ways to have fire making tools and materials readily available to me no matter what situation. I have some on my keychain and in my diaper bag (which is part of my EDC) and I have some in my go bag (which is in the Jeep).

But what happens if I’m stranded without my keys or EDC bag or go bag? Gotta be prepared for the unexpected, right? So what do you have ON YOUR PERSON, that would be able to make fire?

So here are my top 4 wearable fire starters.

  1. Paracord bracelet – We all know how awesome paracord bracelets are, so by having a way to make fire with a paracord bracelet makes them even more awesome! It’s easy to wear a survival bracelet on your wrist every single day. It’d be really hard to get separated from your survival bracelet. I cannot confirm that this is TSA safe, though, some have said yes, but TSA agents can be fickle. So use caution. But this is a great ‘all in one’ fire starting option (minus tinder, of course…but remember paracord is flammable!)

  2. Shoe Laces – We all wear shoes with laces so why not wear some paracord shoe laces that also make fire? I have these shoe laces and they work awesome! I was pleasantly surprised that the little ferro rod with the little striker worked so well. Yes, these shoe laces not only come with ferro rods at the ends, but it also comes with a striker that you can attach to your shoe (by the laces). It’s a great way to have a way to start a fire all in one! And again, this is minus tinder, but paracord is flammable!

3. Zipper pulls – These fire starting zipper pulls do not have a ferro rod or striker, instead they are a great piece of tinder. They’re made with Live Fire Gear Firecord which is extremely flammable. These are a great option to have on any of your gear that has a zipper. Or add it to your coats and jackets, or again, anything with a zipper. This would definitely have to be in conjunction with a paracord bracelet or something else that has a ferro rod or something.

4. Wazoo Fire Starter Necklace – This is such a great idea because the striker is made of ceramic so it won’t cut ya or irritate you or anything else and there’s a nice chunk of ferro rod, all which can be worn around the neck! You can tuck this under your shirt and go on your merry way without ever realizing it’s there. It works shockingly well and it’s great for any emergency fire making.

Of course, you could just always carry around a lighter in your pocket, but where’s the fun in that. 🙂


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