How Much Water Do You Use? – National Preparedness Month

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Day 1 of National Preparedness Month

Over the past couple years we’ve been hauling our own water and have gotten a huge awakening about how much water we use and how we can conserve water. When you are in control of your own water and electricity, you become a lot more aware of how and why you use it.

How much water are you using in your household?

Do your best to keep a record for a few days of your usage. Don’t try to conserve just for the study, just use as normal. Once you have your information for a few days, that info will tell you if you can make any changes for everyday life, as well as needs for an emergency.

Of course, during an emergency, you may conserve water anyway, just because it may not be freely flowing from the faucet. We tend to waste less when it’s not flowing freely from the faucet.

Water is for cooking, hygiene, cleaning and of course, drinking. Don’t forget about pets and livestock needs. I generally recommend at least 2 gallons of water per person, per day. Take a look at my post about how to store water in water containers.

If you have a well, consider some alternative energy options for collecting the water. Some of the alternatives might be to look into solar power or wind power. Though those are both investments, they can certainly be worth it. You may be able to manually hand pump more shallow wells.

In addition, you may want to have a large 1000-2500 gallon water tank where the well water is pumped into. You’d pump water into the container then use off of the water from the container, instead of using the water directly from the well. This would ensure that you’d at least have a little bit of water in case of an emergency.

I encourage you to measure our your daily water usage to help see how much water you might need in an emergency and you could get it if you’re unable to store the necessary amount.

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