How To Find Prepper Groups

how to find prepper groups

As secretive as preppers want to be, we also realize the importance of community. There is strength in numbers, that’s a fact.

So preppers look to others for knowledge, support, ideas and to possibly form a MAG (mutual assistance group).

But how the heck do you find prepper groups? Because preppers are so secretive and because they don’t want to be a target, they tend to never even mention they’re a prepper to anyone, not even family.

Then where does that leave the people who want to create a local support group of like-minded people?

Here are some ideas to find prepper groups:

I started a meetup group on a while back and actually got some good interest. We met in a public place and talked about preparedness topics. People were generally very engaged, however, there were never the same people at every meeting.

That may not be a bad thing depending on what you and the other people are looking for. If you’re simply interested in sharing ideas, it’s great. If you’re interested in creating a local community of people everyone can rely on, consider coming up with an idea to encourage the same people to show up every meeting.

Online Forums

Many online prepping forums might have a section for local preppers. The biggest problem I’ve found with this is that while a couple people might want an in-person meetup, it’s very difficult to get anyone to commit. And again, preppers are very secretive so they seem to be suspicious of anyone wanting to hang out in person.

In this instance, don’t ask who is interested. Simply setup a meeting, tell people in the forum then have the meeting. Even if only one person shows up, that’s great! Keep having the meeting around the same time each month and maybe more will show up.

Talk to Neighbors and Friends

Maybe you don’t want to specifically get a group with other preppers, but maybe you just want to get a group together with your neighbors or friends so you can have a community of people who can come together during a crisis.

You never have to tell them that you’re a prepper, you simply talk to them about maybe setting up a neighborhood watch or maybe have a neighborhood meeting to talk about general preparedness tips. Again, doesn’t have to be complicated or ever mention your specific preps, it’s just a way to get your local community involved in someway.

Setup Your Own

In addition to, there’s always eventbrite to get the word out about your in person event. You could even do virtual meetups. Setup a virtual meetup through YouTube livestream or Zoom. Get the word out through Craigslist or online forum or your own social media profiles.

Do a Search

Try doing an online search, search Facebook groups and even ask people within the prepper community. You may come up with nothing or you may find something great. Doesn’t hurt to search and ask.

I know this may have seemed unhelpful. Unfortunately, preppers are secretive and most unwilling to form any groups, especially with strangers. So sometimes the best course of action is to just put the word out and see who is interested. Give it time, as it may take a few months to gain traction.

Remember, you never have to get real personal with anyone, even if they are fellow preppers. Trust should certainly be earned. Talk about ideas and tips, but try not to pry about other people’s gear or preps. If they offer it, that’s on them, but keep the meetings educational.

Make the event in a public area like a park or something similar. This allows people to be as anonymous as possible, while also in a public place.

The group doesn’t need to be big, either. Sometimes a handful of people who are always consistent is better in the long run.

Good luck!

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Morgan is the founder of Rogue Preparedness. She has been a prepper for over a decade. She's a wife, mother of two daughters and is homesteading off grid. She teaches people how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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  1. I live in a small mountain community near Crater Lake. I’m interested in finding likeminded people who are interested in sharing prepping, survival skills, and mutual community support in my area. I’ve been prepping and learning new skills over the past ten or so years. I’m in a mobile home community but I take my trailer out most weekends when the snow melts, I only do dispersed camping and hundreds of spots in the area. I like to practice new skills learned on our weekend outings. Thanks to your article, I’m contemplating putting up posters around town and advertising on facebook (although they shut me down) or Craigslist. There is a public park nearby that would be a perfect meetup place. Are you in the area that you would like to join? Not sure of the timing yet. I’ve not found any local organizations, I may end up be it. Any thoughts, encouragement, or suggestions truly appreciated

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