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As I write this, we’ve entered peak hurricane season. General hurricane season is between June and November. While peak hurricane season is between August to October.

Regardless the time of year, the time to prep for hurricanes – and any natural disasters – is well before the natural disaster happens.

So how can you be prepared for a hurricane?

Below you’ll find a checklist of ways that you can be prepared for a hurricane. A downloadable version is at the bottom of this list.

Make an Emergency Disaster Plan 

▢ Know how to communicate with household/family/loved ones 

Bug out bag for every member of the household

▢ 2 gallons of water, per person, per day (don’t forget pets) for at least 2 weeks

▢ 2 weeks worth of nonperishable food

▢ Flashlights and batteries

▢ Candles and matches/lighters

Make a bug out bag for pets and make a plan for pets – No pet left behind!

▢ Secure any outdoor furniture and other loose items before a storm

Battery powered NOAA weather radio 

▢ Alternative way to cook food (eg; camping stove)

▢ Designate a safe place in the home, away from windows

▢ Know how to stay cool without electricity

▢ Know how to stay warm without electricity

▢ Board games, crafts, cards and other entertainment items

▢ Know the quickest route(s) outside of the danger zone(s)

▢ Special needs or medications, make sure to have backups on hand

First aid kit

▢ Copies of personal documents 

▢ Rain gear

▢ Car gas tank is filled

What to do as a hurricane approaches:

  • Listen to intel through HAM radio and/or NOAA weather radio and/or online sources
  • Prepare a blackout kit that has batteries, flashlights, candles and matches/lighters
  • Secure anything outdoors that could potentially fly into house or people
  • Make sure the tanks of your cars are filled with gas
  • Don’t wait to be told to evacuate, if you feel you need to evacuate, then do so
  • Keep your bug out bags by the door you’ll leave to get into your vehicle

Prepare to leave at any time.

Whether you think the storm will hit your home or surrounding area or not, it might be a good idea to evacuate anyway. Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stuff is replaceable, your life isn’t.

Trust your gut. Your lives are more important than stuff.

Click here to get your free download of the above checklist.

I’ve left some room below the checklist so you can fill in your own needs.

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!

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Morgan is the founder of Rogue Preparedness. She has been a prepper for over a decade. She's a wife, mother of two daughters and is homesteading off grid. She teaches people how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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