5 EASY Exercises for Preppers

Really, anyone can do these exercises but because I run a preparedness website, let’s make them prepper specific!

These exercises are easy, cost no money and (almost) anyone can do them.

Here are 5 exercises for preppers:

#1. Meditation – I’m sure you’ve heard of meditation but probably haven’t put much thought into it. Meditation has changed my life. It’s made me an all around calmer person, it’s made me reflect on how I act and react to the world and people around me. In general, it’s helped me become a better analyzer. When things are bad, you’ll learn to take a breath, calm yourself, analyze the situation and react accordingly. You can download an app to your phone called ‘Simple Habit – Meditation’.

Take 5 minutes a day to sit and meditate, even if your house is chaotic, that may be the ultimate test of meditation. Carve out the time and do it.

prepper fitness

#2. Lifting weights with 1 gallon water jugs – The majority of us have 1 gallon water jugs. If not, you can also use a couple bottles of water or maybe some rocks. Whatever you decide to do, weight training is essential. You only need to do about 5-10 minutes a day to see results. No more than 5-10lbs is needed, too. You don’t need a huge amount of weight to see big results over time.

We’re talking about general wellness and strength, not so much to win body-building competitions. Unless your goal is to win body-building competitions…then by all means, have at it!

Use the jugs like kettlebells to the best of your ability. You can also purchase kettlebells from $5 and Below when you’re ready to upgrade.

Click here for great beginner kettlebell exercises.

#3. Go for a walk – Throw your walking shoes on, step out your front door and go for a walk. Even if you have kids, take them with you! If you have dogs, take them with you! Get everyone out for a nice stroll through the neighborhood. You can also do some walking/jogging inside of your home. Just walk from one end of the house to the other over and over again for a few minutes.

Take about 10-30 minutes a day to get a good, brisk walk in.

We have been getting outside shortly after dinner, even if it’s dark, and it’s been so worth it. We love the time away from devices, we’re out moving our bodies and enjoying quality time with the family.

#4. Go for a walk with your bug out bag – When you feel ready, take your walk up a notch and walk with your bug out bag. If you don’t want to walk with your bug out bag or don’t have one yet, then get a backpack and fill it with some rocks.

Don’t want to take it outside? That’s okay! Strap it on and walk around your house with it. Do the dishes, play with your kids, make dinner, watch TV, all while your bug out bag is on. It seems silly, but simply having it on can increase your ability to carry it around for longer periods of time and get you used to it, plus build up your strength.

I’d suggest walking with your bug out bag at least once a week.

#5. Yoga – Don’t click away yet! Yoga is extremely difficult and extremely beneficial. It doesn’t seem difficult to just get into some poses, but let me tell you from experience that Yoga is no joke. The best way to get introduced to Yoga is by downloading an app. I got started with ‘Daily Yoga’ and I still use it to this day. One of the best benefits of yoga is that it keeps you limber. The better stretched out your muscles are, the less likely for injuries. This is important, especially in stressful times such as an emergency or disaster.

Takes only about 10-20 minutes a day.

BONUS: If you conceal carry, practice dry firing and movement drills at home. It’s not only great practice to build muscle memory, but it’s great exercise, too!

If there’s anything I’ve suggested that might be too difficult for you at this time, then start somewhere easier. You could also just do one of these tasks and work up to adding them all in later.

The important thing is to just start somewhere.

Fitness is important for every single human being. No matter how busy your life is, I bet we can find 10 minutes a day to do something to get us up and moving.

Throw on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, a podcast or music to help motivate you through some of these exercises.

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Morgan is the founder of Rogue Preparedness. She has been a prepper for over a decade. She's a wife, mother of two daughters and is homesteading off grid. She teaches people how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

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  1. All exercises benefit the body and mind. They not only build muscle memory but also build mental muscle memory. If you had a 6th exercise, I would add a mental exercise that is scenario specific. Just get moving, it will be a benefit to your life.

  2. Great article! Physical fitness should a top priority of any prepper. I would suggest the below list of exercises for preppers

    Air Squats
    Pull ups
    Dips (use a chair)
    Jump rope
    *These are all body weight and maybe you baseline is just a few but you can do these every day to build up

    1. Yes! Great additions. Super easy to do at home.

  3. Great list! I’ve incorporated my draw training into my weight days – I keep an inert pistol with my fitness supplies and end every upper body session with drawing and presentation. I do reps with both hands, then dominant and non-dominant hand only. Great for the arms, of course, but also great for my firearm training!

    1. Love that! Great workout.

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